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Hazardous Material Safety
    Hazardous Material Safety

     Identify which transportation modes will deliver your products to their destination and determine the required     regulatory steps.

    Complex requirements govern each transportation mode, and the rules may vary in different locations. Compliance is     critical; getting it wrong can translate into heavy fines, undelivered products, or lost market-share opportunities.

    Proper packaging is key to the safe transport of hazardous materials. Leaking hazmat packages can pose serious risks to     the safety of transportation workers and to the environment. Using suitable containers, sufficient cushioning,     absorbent materials, and secure closures will keep hazmat where it belongs—inside the package.

    Detailed paperwork describing the contents of your shipment helps ensure proper handling and movement throughout     its journey. When in doubt, spell it out.

    Many carriers have specific requirements and/or limitations regarding hazardous materials. Before offering a shipment for     transportation, familiarize yourself with the carrier's rules, as well as its technology capabilities.

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