Rise India Logistics -
Rise India Logistics.

     we offer multiple opportunities to exceptional people who can produce extraordinary results. Our teams consist of     highly professional individuals who ensure peace of mind for our clients.

     Our associates are handpicked from a pool of highly experienced and qualified individuals. All the employees and staff     undergo periodical mentoring and have access to information systems that enable them to stay updated with the     latest in their area of expertise.

    While hard work and innovation is applauded, we also nurture their personal objectives. We ensure that our employees     get many opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed.

     If you desire to join a team of professional problem-solvers please send your resume to:-

Warehouse Management
Transport Management
Inventory Management
Chain Supply Management
Packaging Management
Materials Management
Security Management
Fullfillments Solutions
Contract Carriage
Fleet Services
Hazardous Material Safety
Value Added Services